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Welcome to Lindy's Lake
Lindy's Lake is located in West Milford, New Jersey, the heart of the Highland's Preservation area. Known for its charming homes, which are reminiscent of its history as a bustling vacation community in years past, Lindy's Lake is now a full-time private residential community.

The Lindy's Lake Association (LLA)
Lindy's Lake is maintained by the Lindy's Lake Association (LLA), a privately-held corporation owned and supported by the 222 property owners who fall within the geographic boundary of the original Lindy's Lake sub-division. For more information on the history of the Association, click on the About Us link on the left.

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We are encouraging all members to go paperless: email to: to send us your email address(s) and also to let us know if you want to go Paperless.
Please include your name and property address.

Now accepting applications for all summer lifeguard positions

Deadline for applications is April 30, 2017

It's not too early to think about Summer!

The Board of Directors is now accepting applications for all summer lifeguard positions.

Anyone interested should mail their information to:
Lindy's Lake Association
PO Box 343
West Milford, NJ

All life guards must have the following certifications:
  • CPR Certifications must be Professional Rescuer or Healthcare Provider Level
  • Lifeguards for lake bathing must have Lifeguard training AND Waterfront Life guarding Certification
A copy of your certification must be attached.
All applicants must be currently certified or in the process of being certified.

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Thanks for your generous donations
The following local businesses have donated items to the LLA Association.
We thank you VERY much!

Baskets-n-Beyond   Eden Farms Garden Center
http:\\   973-728-1799
Eiseles Nursury & Garden Center   GiGis Gorgeous Grooming
http:\\   973-459-9655
Glenwild Garden Center & Nursery   Harvest Moon Health & Nutrition
Jigg's McAllisters Music Saloon   Jimmy The Barber   973-728-9837
Linas Ristorante   Oak Ale House Restaurant & SportsBar
Pequannock Feed Pet Supply   Shear Dimensions Salon
Trader Joes  

Properties that are deed restricted to the Lindy's Lake Association (LLA)
  • Cliffside Dr
  • Highview Dr
  • Hudson Dr
  • Lakeview Dr
  • Lindy's Dr
  • Maple Rd (limited to 234 to 330 except 241 & 261)
  • Otterhole Rd (limited to 537 to 645)
  • Schofield Rd (limited to 158, 164, 168 & 170)
  • Seymour Dr
  • Shale Dr
  • Spinnler Dr
  • Upsala Path
  • Woodside St
    Block & Lots
  • 10701 1-10
  • 10702 1-29
  • 10703 1-16
  • 10801 1-20
  • 10802 1-4
  • 10803 1-23
  • 10804 1-5
  • 10805 1-16
  • 10806 1-2
  • 10807 1
  • 10808 1-58
  • 10809 1-4
  • 10810 1-11
  • 10811 1-8
  • 10812 1-6
  • 10813 1-3
  • 10814 1-6
  • 10815 2-9
  • 10816 1-7
  • 10817 1-12
  • 11301 14 only

The Lindy's Lake Dam
Lindy’s Lake Dam is comprised of a 650-foot long, 24-feet high earth embankment, an uncontrolled primary and secondary emergency spillway, and an outlet works. The dam impounds a reservoir of about 18.8 acres and contains approximately 124 acre-feet of water at the spillway crest.

Here are your 2016-2017 LLA board members:
Steve Feigel President/Lake Ecology/Dam
Cindi Connors 973-632-1651 Vice President/Manor House
Doug Drada Secretary/Legal
Tania Silva-Rocha Treasurer/Manor House Rental/Beach Rental
Jane Litwinka 973-208-5676 Financial Membership/Web Master
Mario Klimczuk Roads/LLA Properties/Farm House
Steve Feigel Beach/Recreation
Lindy's Lake 862-274-3437 General Number

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