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1960's boardwalk

Lindy's Lake History
The lake and surrounding properties were owned by one man, George Spinnler. George acquired the property now encompassing the Lindy's Lake community in 1927. The area consisted of 120 acres. About 20 acres were set aside for the construction of the present lake. George single handedly built the lake and many of the log homes nestled among the abundant oak, maple and pine trees. George Spinnler's dream of creating a lake in a meadow filled with natural springs began with the construction of the original dam. The original map for the Lindy's Lake sub-division was filed in July 1928. While the original dam construction was underway, Charles Lindbergh completed the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. George decided to name his lake in Charles Lindbergh's honor.

In the first years of the lake’s development the area was a summer resort. Many of the (now year round) homes were one or two room log cabins with minimal “modern” facilities. These homes were built from the giant chestnut trees which were once abundant throughout the northeast. A rare blight in the forties wiped out the entire chestnut tree population in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Water was pumped to house via wooden viaducts and privies were not uncommon. The night light in those days was probably provided by fireflies. As the area grew, Mr. Spinnler built the Manor House, expanded the beach, put in a “boardwalk” and constructed the tennis court. The Manor House, where various adult and children activities are held, was one of the most elegant dining spots in West Milford during the forties and fifties. With the passage of time and urban sprawl, the summer resort gave way to full time residents and additional buildings. The change in living patterns transformed Lindy’s Lake into a full time community within the Township of West Milford. So, what started as one man’s personal project has evolved into a community comprised of individuals from all walks of life.

About the Lindy's Lake Association
An organization, known as Lindy Lake Community Association (LLCA), originated in the early to mid-thirties, by George, for the purpose of providing summer social activities for its members and incorporated in December of 1935. The Community Association consisted of the Lindy's Lake Property owners and renters. Its primary function was as a social organization during the summer vacation season. The Association hired lifeguards for the beach, counselors for the children and conducted social events utilizing the manor house, ball field, tennis courts and beach areas. Dances, movies, card games and tennis competitions were weekly events during the summer months.

In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s the Lindy Lake Community Association evolved into the Lindy’s Lake Association (LLA) Inc. for the immediate purpose of purchasing the lake and recreational properties which had become neglected after Mr. Spinnler passed away. By June 1973, LLA was able to purchase the Lake, Beach, Manor House, Farm House and Tennis Court. The capital needed to accomplish this was raised through the sale of bonds to members.

The Board of Governors
The Association is governed by a Board of Governors, hereinafter called "the Board", consisting of a minimum of five members of the association elected or appointed. These five members shall be known as the Core Board, which shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial and Membership Secretary. There are potentially two other board positions: Common Interest Chairperson and the Beach & Recreational Chairperson. The Core Board may in its discretion, by majority vote of the then seated members, add and/or remove additional seats to the Board of Governors as it sees fit from time to time the Board of Governors shall manage the affairs, as well as the property, funds and finances of the association, and shall carry out the purposes of the association according to its Certificate of Incorporation and the Lindy’s Lake Association, Inc. By-laws and governing documents. The members of the Lindy’s Lake Association vote to elect the Board of Governors. The members of the board serve two year terms.

Lake and Ecology
The lake is constantly monitored to prevent the process of decay which can cause any lake to die. The Lake and Ecology committee works with a lake management company to keep the lake healthy for water activities and fishing. Additionally, the Ecology committee works with the Township officials to rectify related problems. Issues such as storm drainage, sewerage and litter are addressed by this committee.

Buildings and Grounds
This committee is charged with the upkeep of the Beach, Boathouse, Manor House, Farm House and all other property held by the Association. Prior to the purchase by the Lindy’s Lake Association most of the facilities had deteriorated for one reason or another. This committee was responsible, and continues to be responsible, for restoring and maintaining these properties. & Hosting
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