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Lake Association Beach Rules


Hi Everyone,

Please open, read and share with your Children and guest(s)the Lake Association Beach Rules.

  • We will continue with the smoking and non-smoking section on the beach. The lifeguard stand will mark the dividing line between the smoking and non-smoking section. If you would like to smoke you must do it on the beach side that has the port-a-john on it. Please use the provided containers to dispose of all cigarette butts. The other side of the lifeguard stand, with the pavilion on it, will be designated a non-smoking section. There will be no smoking from the lifeguard stand to the grills by the fence in this section.
  • No glass bottles on the beach - it is not only a concern for possible broken glass that someone could step on but it is also the bottle caps that get left behind. They can hurt and cut a foot just as much.
  • Non or beginner swimmers are not allowed to go out to the floating docks without an adult – even if they are wearing swimmies, tubes, or lifejackets. The reason is not only can they not swim, they can slip out of the tube and with swimmies, if not on properly, they can slip off the arms. Most of the kids who need to wear these items are because they are little and with that do not always know how to be careful; so they can slip, fall, or hurt themselves on the dock.
  • There is no jumping from the docks if the swimmer is wearing tubes or swimmies. The reason again, is that they can slip out of them. If they are wearing a life-jacket, that will be allowed.
  • There is no diving from the docks.
  • Kids under 12 need to have an ADULT accompany them down at the beach the whole time. Older siblings, unless over the age of 18, cannot substitute as an adult.
  • The beach is a carry in/carry out your own stuff (this includes the trash you make).
  • Do not fish in the swimming area – this is 24 hours/7 days a week during the summer season. This is to prevent fishing hooks from getting stuck on the ropes.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the beach – this is 24 hours/7 days a week.

  • Helping the lifeguards enforce these rules, will allow everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time at the lake.
    Thank you,
    Steve Feigel
    Lindy Lake Beach Supervisor

    Boat Rack Dec 2012 Update

    Thanks to all of you who removed your boats from the boat racks. Unfortunately there were a couple of boats that were still chained when we went out on Thanksgiving Saturday so we did have to cut 2 chains. Some of you had trouble moving your boats without help so the volunteers moved your boats onto the grass in front of the racks and we were able to stand the rack that was tossed upside down (with the boats still attached) back upright.

    While we inspected the racks a decision was made to re-work the boat rack area. We will be putting a cement pad under the racks and also plan on extending the racks. One of our members (who is a mason) along with another neighbor (who works in construction) volunteered to do the work at no cost to LLA as long as we supply the material. Thanks Doug and Joe!

    After the concrete pad is installed and the weather gets warmer we plan on painting and numbering the racks. We also plan on replacing the rack that flipped. We think we can use shelving that is typically used in warehouses. If anyone from the community has any suggestions please contact us. Thanks

    Dam Dec 2012 Update

    In preparations of Super Storm Sandy we opened the valve so the lake could be lowered in time for the storm. We had no issues with the Dam before (we have gone through a spring, summer and most of the fall) or after the storm.

    The grass we planted on the Dam's walkway seems to have taken pretty well.

    Previous DAM Update

    The fallen upstream retaining wall was removed and the slope re-graded with riprap. Unfortunately, after hurricane Irene, we had an unexpected DEP mandate requiring us to continue the clay wall down to the beginning of the beach. Fortunately we were able to complete the total Dam project in time to enjoy the 2012 Summer season.
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